Artist Statement

We all have a passion. Some of us will find that it is our occupation and career while others focus on that special creative force within us.. music, art, or perhaps dance. We need to find our passion to give us fulfillment and completion. Otherwise, we wander day after day and are not living but existing.

I find myself always striving to utilize the “other half” of my brain. I’m a pediatrician in eastern North Carolina and on a daily basis, my core is centered with science and technology. For years, my brain has been in overdrive to memorize medical facts and to utilize my basic knowledge of science and the human body to formulate a complete differential of diagnoses. Then, which is just as important, to communicate with my patients as well as their families my assessment and plan to treat or evaluate further. Being a pediatrician is a difficult yet fulfilling job but can drain your spirit unless you have something else to define your essence…a creative outlet.

My passion is photography…it adds the dimension of creativity and art. The senses of the human body can be evoked by a single image…whether the smell of the freshly mowed green grass, the gritty feel of the sand, the taste of the plump, ripe tomatoes, the sound of the Sunday morning church bells or seeing beyond the edge of the fog into the forest. Images are a representation of one moment in time, a moment like none other…that moment can never be truly duplicated. I try to look at my surroundings differently, a different angle, up close, from above or below, to capture a unique perspective, not always the usual or the expected.

My goal is for every person who views my images to experience them through their inner spirit and soul. I hope my images will evoke one of the senses or a personal place for the viewer…perhaps a moment in time which was once cherished.

So, enjoy!