What's In A Name

We all have one…that special place where you find yourself smiling from within…whether you have actually physically visited that place or whether it is in your mind’s eye. Sometimes you retreat there for renewal or for sanctuary.

Closing my eyes and imagining that perfect place…a moment in time where I find myself in awe but curiously comfortable.. For me, that place is Rue du Cherche-Midi on the Left Bank of Paris in the 6th arrondissement. It is an elongated curving narrow street, the quintessential Parisian street stretching from the Place de la Croix Rouge to the Montparnasse area. This winding street offers great diversity with eclectic boutiques, scrumptious patissieres and cafes. The street is brick and at the base of the street a small park is found. The park is lush green and is a place to gather with children, a book, or just to observe one’s surroundings and neighbors.

The origin of the name, Rue du Cherche-Midi, is unclear…some historians state that it was named as early as 1595 after an astronomer’s sign with a compass and quadrant, others say that it got its name from royalty who traveled this street into the countryside at high noon to go hunting south of Paris, still others state that there was a sundial on the street where Parisians would travel to see the time, or “looking for the noon time sun”…regardless, the street creates the essence of Paris with its charms and discoveries.

It is this image that I hold in my mind’s eye. Like the image that I have of Rue du Cherche-Midi, I would like to have my images take the viewer to a special place, a place of wonderment and food for the spirit and soul.

Bring a cup of tea or a glass of champagne and relax with my images…allowing all your senses to be alive and relish the subject matter… as well as taking you beyond the image into your own world of discovery.